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Sales Process Automation

Frustrated with a process that is tying up valuable resources?
For instance, a high tech quote could take several people and multiple weeks to deliver to the customer. everyware enhances productivity...

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Challenge   AT&T desires to increase revenue by reducing the sales cycle for products from various suppliers. The products possess aspects such as:

•complex and changing part lists
•numerous option sets
•multifaceted provisioning rules
•intricate pricing algorithms
Action   everyware understands the challenge of selling complex communications products. We developed and maintain a PC-based sales process automation tool that streamlines the entire process from multiple input factors, to configuring and quoting.
Result   Utilizing our comprehensive solution, AT&T is achieving increased revenue based on their ability to close business faster. Our tool enhances revenue production by enabling sales personnel to quickly and accurately, configure and quote offers to close business faster, giving them an edge over their competition.
Sales Process Automation

• Drive revenue opportunities

• Reduce personnel costs

• Increase productivity

Manufacturing Process Automation

• Decrease design times

• Target sales opportunities

• Reduce documentation errors

Scheduling Process Automation

• Increase efficiency

• Streamline material flow

• Plan for peak activity

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