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Manufacturing Process Automation

Todayís Supply Chain Management and Enterprise Resource Planning software programs are quite extensive, yet they may not cover every facet of your business. Sometimes what you need is a targeted solution to address specific challenges. everyware enhances productivityÖ

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Challenge   Norstan, an electrical contact manufacturer, needs to increase their efficiency in a few areas of production, specifically generating shipping documentation, reporting and job planning. They would like to focus on the unique issues that are challenging them.
Action   everyware understands the challenge of finding the right solution for target issues. Business software platforms don’t always possess the capability to address every aspect of business when there are only a few issues that are causing problems, and off-the-shelf software doesn’t typically possess the ability to conform to the unique nature of a company’s environment.
Result   Utilizing the tailored solutions, Norstan is able to analyze their revenue and inventory position to make judgments regarding where to focus their sales efforts, thereby enhancing revenue production. Reduce costs and cycle times for new jobs by reusing job material already created. And reduce shipping errors by ensuring that proper documentation is available.
  "We like it that Everyware has expertise in more than just those things we hired them for in the first place. Their technical knowledge covers other areas so you can avoid the excuse, "Itís a hardware problem and we only do software". They take care of the issues from one end to the other so you donít have to hire several other experts to get the job done right, the first time around".

- John Nordigian

Sales Process Automation

• Drive revenue opportunities

• Reduce personnel costs

• Increase productivity

Manufacturing Process Automation

• Decrease design times

• Target sales opportunities

• Reduce documentation errors

Scheduling Process Automation

• Increase efficiency

• Streamline material flow

• Plan for peak activity

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