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Today's fast-moving environments require businesses to
continually improve processes to stay competitive.

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  Used properly, computers are one of the best tools for improving business performance. A myriad of software programs exist, from desktop spreadsheets to fully integrated front and back office applications. In most cases, though, you're just looking for a solution to an immediate problem; most likely one where you employed spreadsheets to address the issue.

In the beginning, the spreadsheet was the easiest way to automate a process. Over time, however, your spreadsheets have multiplied, business rules have become more complex and you find yourself in need of a better solution.

Who do you turn to?
If your company has an IT department, you typically look to them. However, as Gartner—the leading provider of research and analysis about the global information technology industry--states, "Currently one-third of IT spending at midsize companies directly improves business performance, while two-thirds is spent on more stealth infrastructure and utility application areas, such as networks, payroll and security."

Therefore, it is likely that your IT department is focused on broader goals, and they are not always able to address individual process automation or departmental productivity issues, or you may not have an IT department at all.

everyware is the answer.
Sales Process Automation
Designed for AT&T, this custom solution reduced the cycle time of customer contact to contract from two weeks to 10 minutes. Driving revenue opportunity, reducing personnel costs, and increasing productivity. LEARN MORE>
Manufacturing Process Automation
Designed for Norstan, Inc., an electrical contact manufacturer, multiple compact solutions are aimed at specific issues to enhance productivity. Decreasing design time, targeting sales opportunities and reducing documentation errors. LEARN MORE>
Scheduling Process Automation
Designed for Segerdahl Group, a commercial printing company, this custom solution replaced a myriad of spreadsheets with an easy to use, graphical interface to manage the loading docks. Increasing efficiency. LEARN MORE>
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